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    Re: What made you a "hanger"?

    I started when I found Shugs videos. I camp regular with two other guys and they always bunk together so I always ended up packing my own tent. Since I was lacking my own shelter anyway, those videos were an instant convert. So thanks Shug Master H!

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    howdy. i moved into the cellar of my home, and it is a small space, concrete all around except for the ceiling which had rafters. it is only 63" from floor to ceiling, with concrete kneewalls. i had a full size bed in there, and it was horrible to make and get underneath. kept racking my brain about a solution, and didn't want to pay for a custom size bed. hammock popped into my mind, and i started researching them online. i settled for an Eagles nest double wide and LOVE IT. so i currently sleep in a hammock all the time in my cellar. the challenge has been the bedding. i just found a sleeping bag made by Grand Trunk that i am going to purchase when i get the money. For now, i have a pad made for a bench which i have zippered into a blanket. Then a sleeping bag i got from the Salvation Army on top and inside of that, a blanket that is made of sweaters. i have another blanket that i have pinned on the foot end and that i throw on top. 2 small pillows ... i have a string so i can rock myself to sleep. I LOVE SLEEPING IN THIS HAMMOCK. never have a stiff neck anymore ... been doing this now for about 2 months and may never go back to a bed ... i am 56 years old ...

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    I've long enjoyed the BWCA and tent camping there. Until last year I had always traveled with at least one other person. Last year I purchase a solo canoe and began planning a solo trip. Seeing as I didn't need a 3-person tent, I started looking at other options.

    A Hennessey Hammock purchase soon followed. Not that I have buyers remorse, but since then I've learned of many other styles and options. It's always fun to look at new gear. After a few trial runs in the back yard, I was hooked on a new way of camping.

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    Re: What made you a "hanger"?

    My son was a cub scout now he is a boy scout and I am sick of setting up and taking down tent so now he sets up his tent with the troop and I hang between two trees

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    Epic Success

    I was introduced to hammock camping last summer by bigbogg while attending summer camp with our scout troop. After testing out bigbogg's system, I was hooked.

    Over the ensuing months, I researched, talked with a few local folks and then set out to try the DIY route. Created my hammock using ripstop nylon, got the hang of working with amsteel and making my whooping slings, etc. and was all set to test it out. After a few months of testing and a few epic fails, became discouraged with the DIY route. Being a rather broad individual, just couldn't find that sweet spot.

    Right before the holidays, ****'s Sporting Goods had on display some ENO Doublenest, so still being a believer in hammock camping, I bit the bullet and invested in a Doublenest and a set of slapstraps. This past weekend was the first opportunity I had to test my new solution and...eureka! Best night sleep in a long time.

    Next step is to invest in a bug-bag and then a light weight tarp. Any

    Happy Hanging!

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    I just recently got into assisting with scouts. It works out perfectly because it allows me to give back & gives me an opportunity to camp (my wife isn't too fond of it yet).

    I never slept well on the ground as a scout & on the first campout back, I woke up every 15 minutes in pain. After some research on this site, I convinced my wife a WBBB was a good birthday idea & so far, I pass out & sleep amazing all night!

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    Saw hammocks being used lots at music festivals and having always been a tent camper I realized with a hammock I would no longer need the air bed and such for a comfy sleep. Bought the ENO Double and haven't looked back. Found this forum while researching winter use. Thanks for all the great info.

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    Smile long story

    I was led to hammock camping via the research I was doing regarding my upcoming section hike in the fall. I have done quite a bit of tent camping always with a vehicle and tons of stuff (I wouldn't forget one thing with triple checked lists and all) when I happened upon the backpacking chef's site. I had just got a dehydrator and was looking for recipes: I'm very into preparedness and natural medicine (another story). I also read his journal of a section hike on the AT, it grabbed a hold of me, and I have never been the same.

    Ever since that moment all I do is research and read about backpacking and all the gear needed for it. So I needed something to sleep in that didn't way a ton. I was back and forth between tents and hammocks watching a bunch of utube videos and scanning the forums and camper's websites. I would sit and weigh the pros and cons of each when after a while, a hammock just made more sense to me: NO MORE SLEEPING ON THE GROUND unless we're in a shelter, I can use it as a chair, it's actually comfy, and I can be lazy while I cook my breakfast in the morning, oh yeah and the flexibility of not being restricted by rocky ground and limbs. I got a Hennessy expedition because I kind of felt like for my first one, I needed Hammocking for Dummies: It seemed more simple than the rest -- I was a bit intimidated by all the hickamajiggers used to hang them -- though I think eventually I would like to make one. Once I was sold on this mode, I started feeling like maybe I might fit with this community. I'm a different sort and several of the people I came across online seem to be kinda similar minded

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    tree straps, whoop
    Been hiking for years getting to old to be sleeping on the ground these days:scared

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    Waking up in the mornings with a bad back in a tent and trying a hammock for the first time. That was it.

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