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    Quote Originally Posted by Shug View Post
    Whoooooo Buddy......I learned a ton on JustJeff's site. It was the site I found that spurred me on. He is inventive. I'm just a passer-on-er)))))
    Well Shug if it weren't for you and your youtube vids I wouldn't be a hanger today. I "found" you, watched and was enamored with the hammock and with your ability to teach while entertaining me so well. I'm a tree hugger from way back. I slept in a tent once about 45 years ago and it was not a pretty sight. Swore I'd never sleep on the ground again and bought a pop up camper. I am now living full time in a 35 foot RV but still have a longing for the trees. So I bought a walmart hammock and loved it, bought a wbbb xlc and loved it more. I can't thank you enough for all you do and for sending me to check out HF.
    Thanks so much. Sooz

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    I bought my first hammock at Allied Sporting Goods in Louisville KY in 1986 or 87. It was a blue diamond nylon net material that was rolled up to about the size of a softball. I was already an avid camper and thought this would be great for summer camping and keeping cool. It worked well but I had to buy a new one every couple of seasons due to tangling and the general quality of the material. I used a poly tarp I bought at KMart with yellow ski rope as a tarp ridge line to keep the sun and rain off. I had a tent for the other three seasons but soon realized I was more comfortable in the hammock and of course they are lighter to carry. Life happened and I got married in 1992 and as a result camping did not happen as much. I only recently have had time to get back into regular escapes to the woodlands and stumbled across hammocks for sale on eBay by chance. Doing some online research into the subject I was directed to a video by Shug. He so reminded me of some of the jokers I used to go camping with that I watched all of his videos on hammocking. He mentioned this web site multiple times in those videos so here I am, searching for the perfection that is the ultimate hang. I really am enjoying the learning process and people here. You folks have got some of this stuff down to a science! You haven't lived till you wake up in the morning with a diamond impression print from a net hammock on the back of your legs, your arms and across half your face!

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