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    Hanging really appeals to me as you can pitch your hammock deep in the woods much easier than a tent, also you have the added advantage of being above ground if it gets boggy under foot. Pitching is faster and you get to rock your self to sleep every night.

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    I have had a love of the outdoors from the time I was a boy scout and now that I have a son in scouts the love for the outdoors has grown. But I have some lower back problems and have tried cots, air mattress and foam pads but was still unable to get a good nights sleep while camping.
    Well, about a year ago I ran in to SGT Rock’s web site and after reading just about all he had to offer I got a $14.00 grand truck hammock. WOW!!!! What a different that hammock made.

    I have now since up graded to a Hennessy Ultra lite Explorer and I love it.

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    I was out camping with a friend last week, who was testing out his HH Expedition, enough said but I'll elaborate...
    I was carrying a 7lb Eureka El capitan, and only on the first night was I able to find an adequately level sleeping surface, free of roots etc. far enough away from trees to set up my fly (had some rain). After testing the hammock for a nap on the third day, I was pretty much sold. Pros and cons raced through my head and as soon as I got back, to the forums I went.
    Today I threw together a simple tarp hammock, I think it was similar to JustJeff's hammock. Now I'm on a mission to find the materials I need for a Hennessy clone, and I'm sure it won't end there.
    I have to thank everyone for all the information and time spent sharing your ideas. Most if not all information I've needed has been found on this forum, it has been an invaluable resource.
    Thanks again,

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    found it by luck mostly

    I found hammocks about 5 years ago when I was looking for a new tent. I liked the idea of quick pitching, no roots to fight, and no need to battle a ground cloth. Honestly, I just like being different too, though hammocks are getting pretty common these days. I bought a Hennessey Ex. Asym. because at that time all I knew about where HH and ENO. I'm amazed at all of the manufacturers and options available now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murl View Post
    It's all Shug's fault. I was just looking for a tarp pattern.

    Next thing I knew, I was hanging in the piney woods under clear skies and a full moon, wondering how I got there.
    Was getting through some unread threads and this made me laugh out loud! Thanks.

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    Been really interested with it because a buddy, who was a sailor for quite a long time bought one and installed one in the woods where he used to crash by the end of the night.

    Things did not always go as planned remembering that there were times that he would almost freeze to death because he did not properly nest things to make it a better environment to crash on.

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    I was looking for a hammock for the backyard. Always enjoyed laying in a hammock. So, I was on YouTube one day, and searched "Hammocks" Shug was the first video. I sat at my computer for an hour! Watching his videos Now, I use to back pack years ago. And was always car/motorcycle camping...The rest is history!!
    Oh, never did get a hammock for the backyard!
    I have never failed, I have been very Successful finding out what does Not work.

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    Used to backpack a long time ago. Gave it up, got ot where hated sleeping on the ground. Camping one day I saw a guy in a hammock while car camping. Hey what is that thing Hennessey hammock? Looked on line and bought one, used it and at 60 years old I am at it again.

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    Now I got to get back into shape so I can go more. Thinking about making my own hammock or maybe just modifying my hennessey. Thought?

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    A few years ago my Dad (Hangin'Yankee) wanted to start packing lighter so he ended up finding that there are hammocks that aren't just for relaxing and he ended up buying one and i started using one and i loved it from the beginning.

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