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    Unhappy Repairing ripstop nylon

    I have a DIY 1.5 hammock. I had used it a few nights sometime ago, and just decided it wasn't for me. I decided to pull it out last night and give it another go. Figured it would make a great summer hammock, and I do like the feel of the fabric. The last time I used this hammock was set up as a Lounger, with it doubled up. It looks like the fabric is starting to come apart right at the spot it was doubled over, almost looks like a few small holes in the fabric.

    OK long rant over, how can I fix it? Is there some glue that will hold, or am I just better off buying some more fabric, and start over? I'll see if I can get some pics of the spots.


    EDIT I may have "jumped the gun" on this one. I noticed the marks last night when I was measuring it for a ridgeline. So I just went a layed it out to take a pic, and the mark looks like it is just a little "rough". It doesn't look like any of the threads are broke, just scuffed up, if you will. I guess if anyone has a suggestion, some fabric glue that they recommend, I may try it to avoid having it come apart on me. Thanks
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