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Thread: TTTM ridge line

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    TTTM ridge line

    I got a new TTTM single the other day for really cheap! I see they dont come with ridge line. Do you need to add one on? If so how would you go about doing it?

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    A ridgeline holds your preferred sag so your hammock is always dialed in. Also, is nice to hang stuff on at night, but it is a personal preference and it is not needed.

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    O ok! I see what you mean.

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    How would you go about putting installing the ridge line?

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    I have one made up for amsteel on my tttm. I have it looped at both ends( used forums to find a tutorial how to) and just slide it over the stock suspension. I use it every second night and at weekends and its worked fine so far. Took a while to get it hanging right but once I did I didn't want to go back to no ridgeline

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