Do you think I will be the first person to live full time in a hammock, outdoors, and with such a major temperature shifts? Maybe I won't last long but I like to think I am very resilient and will be able to push through.

Temp range: -30* F to 90* F.

I hope it proves to be quite the adventure. We will begin on the east gate entrance into Glacier National Park and push west through Coeur D'Alene Idaho and into west Washington state to the Okanogan. We will then push north into British Columbia Canada up to Wells Gray and then east to Jasper National Park in Alberta. From there we will head south through Banff National Park and continue further South until we end our journey in Whitefish Montana.

It is not a terribly long distance journey but that is how we want it. We will be filming our excursion and want to be able to take as much time as needed.
There are two others going with me and I am trying my best to convince them hammocks will be the way to go. But I need to be able to prove it. We will of course be going on multiple test runs (week long or so ea.) before actually heading out.

We plan on leaving in April of 2014 and returning to Montana in April of 2015... that's right, 12 straight full months of Hammocking.

I am still in the gear selection stage and am looking for the best hammock for the job. I have started a post here to discuss the hammock selection if you are interested in chiming in. I may just have to end up testing a couple of options in the coldest climates I can get into.

Maybe if there is an interested I could post the gear lists we each have as of now. They are all subject to change of course.