A top quilt. 20 degrees
An under quilt. 20 degrees
A Sawyer Squeeze water filter with the Official Hammock Forum Jet Flow conversion kit.
An Outdoor Research Helium II rain jacket. I'm currently on a quest for good rain gear. I think this $150 jacket made be my holy grail.

Nice to have but not immediately needed would be:
A lighter weight down jacket.
A NeoAir pad for going to ground
A lightweight going to ground tent like a Contrail Tarp tent.

That pretty much does it for my 3 season gear. For winter I'd love to have:

Insulated pants.
Insulated boots
MSR Lightning Snow Shoes.

If I ever do a mega thru hike I'd like to upgrade my BearVault soloist bear canister to the bigger BV500. But for anything less I don't want to carry the extra weight. Whenever you're up near Lake Tahoe (not too far from here) you have to be aware of bears.

I can say that I'm REALLY happy with my recent gear purchase of a ULA Circuit backpack (just 2.5 pounds).
I really like my alky stove from bottlestoves.com and I'm learning to use my super simple fancy feast /hole punch stove.
12 cm Imusa pot with pot cozy. Great pot which is cheap, light, and wide enough not to have to dig down inside to get yoru food.