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    First UQ-Ohio weather

    I need to purchase an UQ ASAP so I can get out in my WBBB and get to hanging. The question I have of course is which type of UQ to get?! I'm not so much worried about where to buy the UQ so much as which type to get. I love sleeping in the cold, but this whole week in ohio its been right around 15*. Typical winter weather, but I want to be able to hang in temps this cold or colder. That being said once spring and summer roll around I want to be able to sleep without sweating all night, I HATE sleeping when I'm hot.

    So should I get a 3/4 UQ or a full length? Should I get a really low rated UQ like a 0* or 20* or stick with a warmer one like a 40* so I can still enjoy my summer hangs?

    Lets hear it!

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    I'd recommend 20* as it's easier to vent when you're hot than add heat when it's cold. 20* covers a nice range.

    I like a full length one personally. Hence, the HG Incubator. If you go with a partial length, though, it's tough to beat the Warbonnet Yeti.
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    Hi from Columbus,

    We have Ohio hangs pretty much every month.

    We're having one this weekend at Mohican if you can make out even for the day to look at everyone's setups.

    On the topic of UQs -

    Length - I prefer the less finicky full-length UQs for cold weather. If you're concerned with pack space or weight, you may consider a 3/4. They require a bit more fiddling - especially in colder weather - in my opinion and you need a footpad as well. I have a 3/4 summer UQ as I can pretty much plop down in it with little tweaking and am comfy. Compare that to cold weather hanging with a 3/4 length UQ and having to fiddle with a pad and such as colder weather requires more exact dialing in of the UQ to make sure there are no gaps, etc. Whereas the full length covers your whole body and is easier to dial in for cold weather.

    Degree rating - In my opinion, if you can only get 1 quilt, go for the one with the lowest degree rating you will experience. In your case, it appears you wish to do some winter hanging. That means a 0*. I have vented my 0* UQ in the summer and wasn't sweating. Granted, it does require some work and is somewhat annoying, however, I would rather be slightly annoyed and sweating in summer trying to vent my 0* than going for a 20* to be able to be comfy in the summer then trying to use it in the winter and be shivering.

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    Yea, Ohio weather does have it's swings.
    A 20 degree top and bottom is a good place to start. Other winter gear ideas include wearing more clothes, adding a piece of Reflectix under your backside, using a windproof undercover (see 2QZQ) below your UQ, and/or bringing your tarp down in close.
    When it gets warmer, you can vents both quilt pieces and do just about everything except summer. Set your tarp in porch mode and enjoy the breeze.
    Later, as funds become available, you can satisfy that gear craving with some fluffy down on either side of that 20 degree setup. Gotta have something to look forward to!

    You may also consider coming to some Ohio hangs. We meet regularly (about once a month.) I think this weekend is at Mohican. Check the "Trip Planning." You can see other's rigs and get some good ideas. It's a great way to learn before you spend....and you'll get what you NEED with the first purchase.

    Good luck and hope to see you at a hang!

    Home Run

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