For anyone nervous about their skills; don't worry; been there, done that and can tell the most embarrassing stories about my self. It'll be a good group hang. Check the weather as it gets closer and focus on thin layers of synthestics. Avoid "bulk" go for layers, no cotton and think of the outer layer as a shell to break any wind. Add a good watch cap and you're good.

Between Disco and Pyro they'll be able to make a fire, no doubt in my mind. A group hang like this is a great opportunity to learn from each other and just to enjoy the fellowship. Pyro and I can't wait!!

Sounds like water won't be a problem and the hike itself is short so you can have back up supplies in the car.

I can bring some extra 1/4" foam for underneath is anyone needs just a bit more to help take the edge off. Let me know.

Enjoy the day