I am planning a trip with my mom and three good friends. It will be not only my first adult trip without Nighthauk (my hubby), I am also the leader! I am NOT the leading type so this is a big step outside my comfort zone. We are meeting tomorrow to discuss some of the details and I suddenly panicking because I am sure I am going to forget something! We are planning on going to Stratton Pond in mid-April. Those of you who know NE, know that it could be anything from blizzard to heat wave that time of year so some planning will have to be changed last minute.

My biggest fear is packing too much or too little. What types of things can we share? The best ideas concerning food? What can we not do without? Everyone going has a few miles under their belts but most are from man years ago.

I think we will have two in hammocks and three on the ground. I can't convert them all... lol

Any and all (helpful) thoughts are welcomed.