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    tarp hanging variation

    I had a question about hanging a tarp. I heard you can hang a hammock with a structural ridge line and it got me thinking could you hang a tarp using the same line as your hammock if you use the structural ridge line. So what I am getting at is could you use that without getting wet if you secured the tarp, would it leak at the contact points.

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    Hennessy's do this all the time. They are designed to be hitched directly to the hammock suspension coming off the trees. This is system works ok. A few flaws that is see from it though is that you can never get the pitch of the tarp tight enough because as soon as you get into the hammock the suspension goes down and the tension releases in the tarps, making it sag. The other thing with this is the tarp isn't as flexible in the way you can rig it. Hope this helps.
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    This info is very useful, thanks for sharing!

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    I use this, especially with my winter gear because it speeds setup. You'll need to experiment with tension and attachment points to arrive at something that keeps your tarp ridge under tension whether the hammock is attached or not. I use 500 k. carabiners as attachment points and 7/64" amsteel for the center part of the ridgeline and the end whoopies. The tarp ridge is permanently attached to the biners with 4" loops of 3/16" bungee. This means that the hammock attachment points (the biners) are outside the tarp. A shorter than usual tarp ridgeline can be used to advantage with this, but end doors or Grizz Beaks are a good idea. You'll find that there's typically a lot of tension on the end whoopies, so it's a good idea to have at least one marlinspike toggle that is nice and smooth, as you may need to pull the toggle to get the whoopie loop off the MSH when packing up. My hammock hangs from very short dynaglide whoopies, though once the system is dialed in I almost never need to adjust them. The same is true of the center section of the SRL; it helps to have it adjustable when first figuring things out, but once the correct length is determined, replace the whoopie loop with a locked brummel and cut off the excess.

    As I said, this is my winter setup, but Bear Chaser has used something similar on a 3-season setup, and he didn't need end doors or Grizz Beaks for his tarp, as I recall. I'm not sure whether his hammock attachments were under the tarp or outside, like mine. Your question about the possibility of leaks where the hammock attaches is a good one. I'd guess probably not, but it's good to anticipate details like that.

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    Thanks for all the helpful information I will take this into account when I make my next tarp.

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