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    TRIANGLE SUSPENSION...a noobs flavor of suspension.

    Ok here we go.

    You see, as a noob, I found that I have a hard time dialing in my suspension to get a proper lay...too many doubt mostly due to lack of experience...but also I think because i'm a big dude...I believe it makes me more sensitive to pressure points and stuff like that. So I just spend to much time making adjustments.

    Its minus forty degrees Celsius here in Northern I've been in my basement messing around with different suspension systems trying to work out a solution that would work for me.

    And this is the solution I have come up with. I don't know if anyone has tried this style of suspension...but if not...I dub this the TRIANGLE.

    I like dynaglide...but its only rated to 1000 lbs...I weigh 260 lbs. So I took 50 feet of it and folded it in the I'm using two strands insead of one. That gives me a 2000 lb load limit which should be plenty.

    Then at that mid point I just Larks headed it to the whipping on the splicing it.

    Then I run the two strands of dynaglide through an elephant trunk, to another elephant trunk...and then I terminate it at the other end of the hammock with a marlin spike hitch.

    So when you stand back and look at it...its a TRIANGLE ...the beauty is the adjustability of it because you can slide the whole thing to the left or the right without adusting any straps or knots.

    So the way I do I set the angle/sag...then I just adjust the height of the foot end by sliding the whole thing closer to or further away from the great I can make all sorts of adjustments super fast without touching any hardware.

    The other benefit is that because of the way the triangle affects the angle of the tree strap...when your trees are very far apart you don't need to tie the tree strap as high on the tree...try it out and you will see what I mean. So this may be good for the vertically challenged as well.

    The other thing I really love about this suspension is that it allows me to switch the hammock from sleeper mode to lazyboy recliner mode in just a couple of seconds...without making any adjustments to the it.

    So anyways...check out the pictures...let me know what you think.

    Obviously there are all sorts of options on how to attach it to the tree...if you choose to use a marlin spike at the tree you will need to use a loop in between for safety sake.
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