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    Double SMC rings (Buckle) suspension

    So I have tried the SMC rings as seen here. I first tried the 1.5" diameter ones that are silver and look like the pic below.

    And they ovalled out and began to split. It appears these were rolled out of a flat and not forged.

    So we bought these to replace them with:

    Much more robust a little smaller diameter and appear not be a rolled material. The issue with these is that when I run my suspension line through them, in a buckle arrangment, (around and back through between the two) and tension the line they like to try and go inside one another. I am wondering if this has to do with the semi-flat side.

    I am thinking about trying these next

    First I will attempt to use a continuos loop "half hitched" through the red rings and then run my suspension line through them and see if the roll up on themselves.

    Any thoughts are welcome. We are trying to come up with the quickest pitch and tear down. We have tried the Whoopie slings and could not get them to release. Yes we watched all of the how tos and absolutely love the concept. We just could not get it to release using 1/8" Amsteel.
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