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    tarp side pull outs made of rope?

    What do you think about this idea? Will it hurt the tarp to have it bunched up around the diamond knot. I'm not sure how it will effect the shape of the tarp when it is staked out. I can see that the diamond knot may tend to pop out of the marlin spike hitch when staking out the tarp, perhaps the marlin spike hitch is not the knot to use here, maybe there is a knot that will work better than the diamond knot. I'm sure many variations of this idea have been tried before, just want to find out if you think this is an ok idea or problematic.

    First a diamond knot in a piece of rope.

    Untitled by fletcherlarkin, on Flickr

    Wrap the inside of the tarp around the knot.

    Untitled by fletcherlarkin, on Flickr

    Then with a second piece of rope tie a marlin spike hitch around the out side of the tarp and diamond knot.

    Untitled by fletcherlarkin, on Flickr

    Untitled by fletcherlarkin, on Flickr

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    A msh or larkshead should do just fine. Over time the fabric may stretch permanently, so if you use this technique, I would take the pullout off each time, unless you want to permanently leave it in one place...
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    Thanks, I'm thinking I'll learn how to sew some pull out loops on my tarp for a more permanent solution. It does stretch the material even when it's only in place for a short time.

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