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Thread: Long Trail

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    It will be a muddy, and buggy trip in May...especially buggy in late May going into June. And as previously mentioned, there will be peaks that are legally closed until after Memorial Day. If you can hike later in the season I'd highly recommend that, especially if you could swing a September trip. Late summer to autumn on the Long Trail is just beautiful...

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    I would concur with Yukon on timing. The guide is a fabulous tool for planning and accurate. Be sure to help the GMC by buying one. If you are not going for speed, plan in the vista trails to break up the green tunnel. Not an option in May, a lot of them, as already mentioned. Just a couple of favorites...Glastonbury Fire Tower,Deer's Leap, Killington Peak and Camel's Hump. Awww, just do them all! Years ago I did a Souther during foliage and it was fantastic. I was fortunate to beat the snow on the trip; it can be iffy that time of year if we are snow lucky for making time. You would want to start in the north for the fall and follow the foliage south. Need heavier gear, I had some five degree nights on that trip. Reverse you would find the colors past by the time you get mid trail. Have fun..wax on....water proof boots in May unless you like wet feet for several hundred miles.
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    I hiked the Long Trail in 2006 and hung my hammock every night. No problems what so ever.

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    Yea I was not aware of the mud and trails being closed in May. So I have changed my trip and will be thru hiking the Shalotwee Trace trail in KY. It's close to home and a little less traveled, the Long Trail will just have to wait. Thanks for all your helpful insights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazy river road View Post
    I hiked the Long Trail this summer and was able to hang the entire time at every shelter (except the ones where no tenting was allowed which I skipped over and btw you are now allowed to tent at Stranton Pond they have tent/hang sites). Any ways it took me 20 days, I hung all but three nights and that was simply because 2 nights I hiked in so late I was just super tired and to lazy to hang my rig and the other night I pulled in after dark as well and seconds after getting to the shelter it started poring rain. I was so tired it did not matter and I fell right asleep. It's an amazing trail. I hiked SOBO and really enjoyed it. The nice thing about hiking SOBO is you don't end in the North in the middle of no where. If your interested I can email you my gear list (But I went in August) and my schedule of what shelters I stayed in and what towns I stopped in. I would certainly suggest stopping at the Inn at the Long Trail its one of my favorite places. I took two zeros their I felt so at home. In the north their are some amazing views. Man I could probably go on forever about this trip I am jealous you get to do it I would totally do it again. Some advice I got tons but why listen to me the most important thing is simply Hike Your Own Hike and just have fun.
    Lazy river road, if you have that information handy and you can email it to me, I would greatly appreciate that!

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