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    First might in my Ridgerunner

    Just got back from a quick overnighter at my local state park to test out my new RR. I am thoroughly impressed with this hammock. As I mentioned in my previous post, the construction of this hammock is absolutely top quality. The design is also top notch. Brandon obviously put some serious thought into every aspect of this hammock, and the result is one awesome hanging experience.

    The lay is really awesome. I literally had the best night's sleep I've ever had outdoors. My WL LO is one comfy hammock, but the RR blows it away. I could lay super flat on my sides and stomach. What I especially like about bridge design hammocks is that the material does not close in on your sides like conventional hammocks do sometimes, and there is no calf pressure at all. I honestly don't see myself going back to my LO, except in situations where I really want to shave weight.

    It worked well with my WL Tadpole, though I think I will eventually get something with a little more coverage because the corners of the hammock were near the edges of the tarp. Any blowing rain would likely have soaked the hammock.

    I didn't try my Jarbidge with the RR because I need to do some mods to make it work. I ended up sliding my Thermarest in between the layers, and it worked fine without much shifting. It was pretty warm out (low of about 55), so I still would like to try out this system in colder temps (if we ever get them).

    Some folks complained that it's difficult to locate trees to accommodate the extra length needed to hang a bridge hammock. I set up my hammock in two different locations and had no trouble at all. I guest it just depends on what the tree availability in your area is like.

    View from my bedroom (Note the spreader pole is touching the tarp, but that's just because I had to use a very steep pitch on that side because my son's hammock was right next to me. A wider pitch would have eliminated the poles touching):

    My setup:

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    Nice pics, thanks.

    The flat, unencumbered nature is definitely the selling point. It's super comfy. I actually like switching between this (more bed like) and some of my gathered ends (more coccoon like, which I also like). Both different but both so much better than the ground.
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    Very nice, and glad everything is working out for you. glad you enjoy the RR as it is a awesome bridge hammock. Keep the posts and pics coming.
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