Headed out for a quick overnighter Saturday at the Castle Peak area in the Tahoe National Forest. This was my daughter's first time winter camping, so I was not sure how that was going to work.

This was the trip planning thread:

We head out Saturday morning and made it to the trail head about 1 pm. Hiked in with the my daughter, the dog and me pulling the sled. After about an hour snowshoeing we found a nice spot to call home for the night. It was about 34 degrees during the day and started to snow around 4pm.

We brought a hammock (WBBB) and a tent. Didn't make a fire. By the time we got set up the snow was coming down pretty hard and I didn't want to be outside scrounging around for firewood. After dinner, we hung out and watched a movie on my daughters tablet, then went to bed. Overnight lows I am guessing were in the mid-20's. It stormed most of the night and in the morning about 4 to 5 inches of fresh snow had fallen. Not too bad for my daughter's first time.

One thing I have learned that bringing a dog and a child winter camping is a lot of work! Being 9 years old, my kid loves to play in the snow. Problem is all the clothes she was wearing got wet and then froze by morning. I tried to warn her but, kids will be kids.

Overall we had a great time. Hopefully, it wasn't too traumatizing for her and she'll want to come out again with me to play in the snow

At the trail head:

Home for the night:


The next morning:

View from camp:

I think she'll be back, don't you?: