I'm in the midst of finalizing the stay dates for several places. I've decided to go with night one (Sunday, 3/23) being at Moses Crek Conservation Area. From downtown St. Augustine, that's a short ~11-mile ride. This gives us the chance to meet in St. Auggie and get everything together without having to worry overmuch about time. It also makes for a short day to shake down any gear issues that might crop up. Here's the map for it: link.

Night two (Mon, 3/24) is going to be at Rice Creek Conservation Area. This one's going to be a ~32 miler. Here's the map: link.

Night three (Tue, 3/25) is going to be at the Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve. This one's going to be a ~41 mile day. Here's the map: link.

Unfortunately, Paynes Prairie State Park has not approved their backcountry sites for hammock use yet. I'm going to try to get that done, if at all possible. If so, then it'll be an easy 10 miler, but the cost per head will be $5.00. Map is here: link.

If not, then on night four (Wed, 3/26), we have two options. First, we could spend an additional day at the Longleaf Flatwoods Reserve. This gives us easy access to both Gainesville (approximately 25 miles round-trip) and Micanopy (approximately 18 miles round-trip). The second option is to head up to Ichetucknee Springs campground a day early and spend two nights there. That would be a longer day, at ~51 miles. And it would be an extra $10.00 over and above the cost of the Longleaf Flatwoods. However, we would be convenient to Ichetucknee Springs State Park (~0.8 miles to the north entrance and ~3.8 miles from the south entrance) and the town of Fort White (~11 miles round-trip). It would also give us a rest day on day five (Thur, 3/27) to recuperate a bit before the final two days' push.


Either way, night five will be at Ichetucknee Springs campground, which will be a $10.00 fee (plus $4.00 a head past myself and the first other person; the third+ person will incur that fee).

Night six will be at Fanning Springs State Park. From the Ichetucknee Springs campground, that'll be a ~38 mile day. Map is located here: link.

Night seven will be in Cedar Key. I've reserved a two-bedroom condo, so we can have up to three extra folks staying there for the evening (Mrs. FLRider will be joining me that night); two will have to share a queen-size bed and one will have to take the couch, but there's room. That day will be a ~43 miler. Map is located here: link.