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    I currently use a Claytor.
    Woopie Sling

    Smile New member over a year: an avid kayak fisherman.

    Stealth17 is my username and I live in Redmond Wa. I am eager to make contact with other WA state hugers and kayak fishermen. I use a Claytor Jungle Hammock and have customized it a good deal. CJH has been just the ticket for me and totally makes the tent campers jealous as they are still clearing the ground when I am finished setting up my abode. There is nothing like the comfortable sleep I get from my CJH. I have designed a neat way to have my
    c-pap machine working off an AGM battery (which is located on the ground) without any water leaks or moisture exposure what so ever because the AGM is housed in a waterproof bag. I love sleeping after star gazing through my bug netting on a clear night just before dozing off. Each of my boats are motorized and setup for hands-free fishing as I steer with foot peddles and control the forward and backward speed with an electronic switch. I paddle also at times as well as sail with my unique WindPaddle sail. If you are interested I would like to min form others more about my fishing from suck small efficient boats, etc.
    Thanks for getting to know a brief amount about me.

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    Hi there and welcome!

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    Welcome. You might become a "donating member", which allows you access to a few extra threads on here, to include "Paddling", where you'll be able to post topics along with your interests in kayaks.

    If you're interested in meeting local hangers, check out the next hang here:

    It would be worth the 1.5 hr drive over to meet some folks & get some ideas, even if only for the day...

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