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Thread: Blackbird XLC

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    Blackbird XLC

    Quote Originally Posted by DanglingModifier View Post
    The footbox of the XLC is made of a more generous cut of the bug netting rather than hammock fabric. As a result, if you're using it as intended, your feet press against the bug netting. Your heels might be close to the very edge of the hammock where the dual layers are sewn together. That means a pad slipped under there won't really totally cover your foot area.
    My understanding is you don't really want to be all the way up in the footbox. When it stops raining I'll set up the hammock and test this out but I'm pretty sure the pad will work fine. I've used a short piece of reflectix in the footbox and had no problems. According to something Brandon posted, you want to be more head end, less into the footbox. My XLC isn't near as comfy when I'm way into the footbox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dochartaigh View Post
    Does anybody have any tips about how to keep a closed-cell foam footbox insulator in place? I bought the Jarbidge 3/4 length, and got the smallish piece of foam which is supposed to keep my feet warm, but I'm sure it's going to slip around everywhere and I'll freeze my feet off.

    Mine is the XLC dual layer 1.7 if that matters.
    I have a 3/4 length UQ & I've tried 3 different types of insulation within my TQ.
    The really thin 1/8th stuff seems to move around a lot (or maybe I move around a lot). It gets wadded up sometimes, and needs to be re-adjusted in my TQ.
    The second option I've tried is a piece of the Thermarest Ridgecrest Solite. I cut off a part from a larger mat. This is thicker than the 1/8th, weighs little. It still isn't perfect for me though. When I carry it in my pack, I roll it up, and it stays in this shape when it's in my TQ.
    The third option is an inflatable Thermarest sit pad (looks like they are called Trail Seats nowadays). This has become my go-to insulation for my feet, even though it weighs a bit more. My feet stay on top of it even when I'm rolling around.

    From the other post you have on this topic, somebody threw out the idea of sewing a fabric sleeve on the outside of the sleeping bag (as an alternative to your snaps).
    I did a quick test yesterday on this & like the concept, though I didn't test it exactly how it was described.

    I took a loose fitting pillow case, and put that over the bottom of my TQ. I then put the pad between the TQ & pillow case. I liked how that felt. It was nice to have my feet against the TQ fabric, with the pad outside it. Not sure where I'll go from there - whether I'll explore the sleeve option, or try out the pillow case thing, but it's something to think about

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