Hi guys,

Thanks for the compliments. I've been wanting to do an 11-footer for a long time. I'm hoping to have these up on the website by then end of the week, hopefully sooner.

To answer a few questions, there is no vent hole, you've just got the breathability of the fabric itself plus partially opening the zipper when needed. We're just using matching hammock fabric for the topcover, both our 1.1 and 1.7 (and the 1.9 multicam) are non-calendared with dwr only for max breathability.

We will offer this in a 10' version, but that may take a few more weeks to get to that. Anybody interested in the shorter 10' version should contact me via email and i'll start a list.

Someone was asking about the weight of the fabric. The hammock in the video is a single layer of 1.7 oz fabric. Just about all options will be avail with the possible exception of the single 1.1

The superfly will work just fine, the cloudburst would work well also. Havent tried it with the mj yet, but there should be about 10" or so of overlap at each end, but it is a hex so noticeably less coverage at the ends compared to the above 2 mentioned tarps. i may come out with a longer hex down the road.