I'm well on my way to getting started with hammock camping and I thank everyone for the help. I picked up a BIAS WWM with suspension and can't wait for it to warm up out this way so I can give it a try. I had originally planned on going with the warbonnet edge tarp but i'm now leaning toward an asym tarp and could use some help. I'm looking to buy an ultralight tarp, but I cant afford cuben right now. I've looked at the MLD UL Hammock Tarp but i'm a little worried about coverage. I've also thought about the Hennessy Hyperlite Rainfly but still, i'm worried about coverage... should I be concerned? Right now my best bet looks like the Simply Light Asym hammock tarp. Anyone have any experience with this tarp? It's quite a bit bigger than the other options i'm looking at and even cheaper (not sure if that's a good thing). Are there any other asym tarps I should be looking at? I'd like to spend under $100 and be as light as possible.

What about DIY asym tarps? I'd love to give some DIY gear a try and I think a tarp would be a good place for me to start. I'm open to any and all suggestions you DIY masters have for me.

How many of you have experience with spinnaker fabric? From what i've researched its waterproofing isn't necessarily reliable??? Is that the consensus? Is the next lightest fabric silnylon?

Im all ears! Thanks again for all the help guys