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    Well, the prussik on the double thick amsteel didn't work. After loading it up, it was still almost impossible to adjust the prussik again. Too bad!

    The toggle is a much better solution than that

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    So, this is an old thread but I've been reading through the whole thing and was interested in the concept. If anyone with any knowledge is still following this, I was thinking a solution could possibly be to replace the custom dowel with a dutchware stingerz. I understand this is meant for tarps and not for taking the weight of a hammock however the thicknesses of titanium are very similar to those of the whoopie hook so I don't see a structural issue. It also seems like a clove hitch around the locking arms would give plenty of holding force in the amsteel/dyneema. I'm not seeing glaring problems here (unless there's a structural difference between this and the whoopie hook I haven't thought through yet). Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    There is a huge structural difference between stingerz and whoopie hooks. The whoopie hook will exceed 1000 pounds of force and the amsteel is suppose to break before the hook is. Singerz are cut from thinner metal and are designed to take about 150 to 200 pounds of force.
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    Thanks Dutch for the information. Didn't notice the size/thickness difference from the images (a good reason engineering assumptions shouldn't be made from pictures alone). Back to the drawing board it is.

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    Since, kmdtcs brought this back from the dead I went through and read the whole thread. Anyone still using this or a variation of it? I see the obvious connections between this and speed hooks or anchors, so has everyone abandoned the toggle ideas? Did the wooden dowel hold up and, more importantly, did the amsteel fray like with speed hooks?


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    The toggle used in the op was big and in our never ending quest for lighter and smaller the idea faded.
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    I'm convinced that somewhere between this and speed hooks is an idea as light as whoopie slings and as simple as cinch buckles without requiring you to compromise line integrity. I'm sure Dutch is close to something but I'll still be working at it anyways just in case.

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