From end of June to mid November 2012 I thru hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (pct) from the Canadian to the Mexican border, using an Exped Ergo Hammock as bed and shelter. I was asked to share my experiences on this here forum and you are welcome to follow the link below to the entry in my journal where I discuss this hammock.

Don't expect an independent product review, though, as I am involved in the design of this hammock. I concentrate more on how I've used the hammock and about hammock camping in general along the pct.

Also, note that I've used a yet unavailable ultralight prototype of this hammock, which is identical to the model on sale (with some design improvements that take effect this year), except for lighter materials.

The hammock has held up very well and I still use it today, after 4.5 months of continuous use, and I hope this might be of some help to future pct hammock campers.