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Thread: spindrift mod?

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    spindrift mod?

    Hey guys, I have a spindrift for my new rr---------I like the way it blocks the wind, and I like the extra warmth it gives. However, there are a couple of things I really dont like about it----------in the wrong weather conditions the condensation is pretty bad, and it is a royal pain to install and take off. Has any one done any work on their spindrift to make it more user friendly? I was thinking about a mod to the head end (leave the foot end stock) maybe get rid of the two head grommets (where the dog bones go thru) and replace them with a long slot (a slot with a velcro flap so you could close it up when its installed in its fully deployed position?) My thinking is, if you didnt need the spindrift, you could slide it towards the foot end and stow it (kind of like the bug net) ---and if you chose to, you could partially deploy it, leaving the head end open for more ventilation. One problem I could see already is , if you have it partially deployed, its probably going to drag on the ground. (maybe there is a way around this?) Do you think any of this would work?
    I came up with this idea because of my last backpacking trip. Its been pretty chilly here in GA, but last weekend, we had a nice 2 day window of beautiful weather. (70 degrees during the day!) I went on a really great overnight trip-----everything went well, but it was too warm and too humid for the spindrift----lots of condensation, even with the door open. I would have taken it off the hammock, but its such a PITA, I just left it on. (besides, I wasnt sure if I needed it or not) It would have been very nice to have had the option of sliding the spindrift to the foot, and possibly redeploying , or partially redeploying it during the night as needed. Any thoughts? Would this work? Also, maybe another vent? Its not that its a bad product--its beautifully made like all of brandons products---its just in our southeastern climate with its crazy weather patterns and humidity, it doesnt always work well. (Im probably using it in a way it wasnt exactly designed for!)
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    Hey Stevebo, yeah mods are always to be had!

    Before I got my spindrift I mocked up a top cover for the RR, and it used a similar velcroed strip that would allow easier removal.

    I think the trick is maintaing the integrity and shape of the sock, but adding the versatility of easier removal. I also think the grommets are critical to the fit and shape of the sock, so a better option might include something that leaves the grommets intact....but then that leaves you with the whole install/de-install thing....

    I'm sure the collective "we" will come up with something....

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    I just received some dutch biners. I think they will make life with the RR even better. Being able to remove the suspension, not have to un loop things to use the spindrift etc.

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    I was going to do the exact same thing. The plan worked if you replace the metal plate with a soft shackle,or a duth clip. The soft shackle works well with a cloth covered washer that your spreader bar tip can go through to protect your cordage.
    Works the same with a dutch clip ,but grind a spot for the spring closure on the dutch clip off the washer to prevent pressure on the clip closure. I made the choice to not use the spindrift as it wasnt for me,but the mod will work.Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CB200T View Post
    I just received some dutch biners. I think they will make life with the RR even better. Being able to remove the suspension, not have to un loop things to use the spindrift etc.
    Following the lead of other hangers, I replaced the triangle hardware with Dutch Biners. I also replaced the amsteel triangle suspension dog bones with Dynaglide mainly because I had it and needed a use for it, but it does happen to fit through the eyelets a bit easier.
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