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    Southwest Virginia Hangers (Blacksburg)

    Hey Guys-

    Just throwing a feeler out there to see if there are any hangers in or around Blacksburg. I'm brad new to backpacking and hanging and would love to meet up with other people who hang to try and learn some stuff and see some gear.

    I figured with the college (Virginia Tech) in town there might be, but couldnt think of or find another venue than this one to meet people who backpack.

    Hope to hear from you guys!


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    Do you go to school there? VT has an outdoor club that does hiking/backpacking trips. Even if you aren't a student, you might be able to hook up with some of the people in the club and get them to show you the ropes.

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    I didn't go to school at VT, but I'll get in touch with the club. Thanks

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