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    The Wolf from Northwoods Hammocks

    I just got my Wolf in the mail today and haven't had a chance to even hang it yet but I wanted to start a thread about it since I am pretty **** excited to get my first real hammock. My plan is to update the thread with my impressions as I go and ultimately end up with a review. Hopefully others who bought the Wolf will chip in too since my opinion is that of a complete newbie.

    02/01/2013 - Initial Impressions
    Received my hammock in the mail and was surprised by how small and light the package was. My Wolf hammock has the integrated netting attached and the advertised weight is 20.5 oz with the included stuff sack, ridge line and webbing. I also got the ridge line organizer which adds an additional 0.4 oz for a grand total of 20.9 oz. I know there are lighter options out there but this seems amazing to me especially when you consider how compact the whole package is when compressed into the stuff sack.

    So, right now the only issue I have with the package is that being completely new to hammocks I don't actually know how to use the whoopie slings to hang it. Hopefully I will get that figured out tomorrow and get the hammock hung in the backyard for a test hang.

    02/02/2013 - First Hang
    Brrr - It's cold here in Virginia today with snow flurries (I am no where as hardy as Shug) but I managed to get the hammock hung up in the back yard.

    I used two carabiners to hook the whoopie slings into the tree straps which worked out quite well considering my very limited knot tying skills. It took a couple of minutes to get things sorted out and hung at the right height/tension but I succeeded (mostly I think) as you can see in the picture above.

    Then I climbed in and my 75 pound dog tried to follow... LOL. After I convinced my dog to lay down outside of the hammock I stretched out for the first and... woah... that is really **** comfortable. I need to figure out if I was laying down in the right orientation (there is a head and foot end but I haven't figured out which is which yet) but if I wasn't it was still good enough for me to fall asleep. Zipped up it was like a wonderful cocoon. The ridge line organizer slides back and forth and is going to be very handy.

    In brief, I am thrilled with this, my first ever hiking hammock. I think that the only change I might want to make is to have a loop on each end of the tree webbing to eliminate any need to tie knots (I am lazy and not very good with tying knots).
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