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I need to play more with the setup. The two trees I have available in my backyard to hang the hammock from are 13' apart. It seems like with the suspension components I have right now I could use another 2 or more feet to make it easier to get things setup but that just could be my being new to the setup process.

As to overall what I think of the hammock. I love it. Take that with a grain of salt because I am completely new to this kind of hammock and I haven't slept in it yet.

Tom at Northwoods clearly put a lot of thought into the design and construction of the hammock. It seems to be very well designed and the construction seems to be excellent. A basic examination of the hammock turned up no obvious rough spots in its construction.

Tom is also quick to respond to questions and is clearly working at building products that folks want. Combine that with seems to be a good price for a complete hammock, netting, and suspension and it seems like a very competitive package to me.
I got mine today. Let me tell ya folks, this is a fine piece of Hammock!!
This is my 4th hammock from all different cottage venders and this one takes the cake in quality of build. Not a stitch out of place here guys.
I only had a few minutes to lay in it, but it only took about 30 sec to find a ridiculous comfort spot!
Top notch fellers.
Tom, excellent job sir. You have a bright future in this here hammocking addictions.