I just received my UGQ UQ today!

I canít say enough about Paulís customer service. When I ordered, I asked if it would be here before mid-February as I wanted to try it out at the EGL hang on February 16. Paul said he would make it a priority on his return from the FH3 hang. I like the fact that Paul lets you know what he can do for a time line and also that customers get e-mails when the product will be in manufacturing and when it will be shipped out. Customers are not left hanging (oops, no pun intended), wondering where their purchase is at.

Besides the fact that Paulís customer service is so great, I also canít say enough about what an awesome product he turns out! This is my second purchase from UGQ and Paul was able to amaze me again with the quality of his work. The sewing is first rate and the entire look and feel of the UQ is totally professional. My first purchase was a 20* Zeppelin UQ which I will have to do a review on at some point. This purchase was a 0* Zeppelin with 3 oz. overstuff, draft collars and resist down. I got the overstuff and draft collars in hopes of taking it well below 0* and the resist down because in Ontario, you never know if humidity will be a factor or not. As well, next year, I plan to do a trek across a portion of Algonquin Park by snowshoe. Iím counting on the resist down to maintain loft despite multiple days of condensation build-up.

Pics or it didnít happen, so hereís a picture of the UQ hanging up to loft, right after I took it out of the box. I'll have more pictures later when I get a chance to use it.

Thanks again Paul and thanks for the toque. Iíll be wearing that at the EGL hang.