Hey guys,

Thought I'd share a mini review I did on another forum. A few of you have seen Alex's work in my trip reports and showed interest. So here it is.

I remember seeing one of Alex' kuksa from a trip report he did a while back. It sparked my interest right away! From that point on I told myself that I needed one. Fast forward a few months and here we have it!

His work has always appealed to me, because he is completely involved in making these pieces of art. His passion for both carving and the outdoors is inspiring. This wasn't just a pre made shape or blank that he dug out, it's something that he personally felled, gathered, carved, cared for, dried, and so on. it's not an easy process and just as difficult to dry properly. So Alex, my hats off to you brother.

My main reason for purchasing these pieces of art, was beyond having a kick *** wooden cup. I really respect people that truly apply themselves to things they do. The fact that he is the only one involved from begining to end, speaks for the amount of time put into these beauties. I also really appreciate that he cares about carving as a whole. Proof can be seen from the tools in his posts that he properly maintains them as well. Signs of a true craftsman/artist.

btw please forgive my lack of writing skills guys and gals. My plan is to come back 1 year from now and report back on how things have held up, and I'm sure there will be a few more Kuksas in my collection to add to the review as well.

If you guys are on the fence about getting one, I highly recommend you do. Shoot Alex an email and you'll see yourself how nice and passionate the dude is. This isn't an aluminum or ti cup, but the experience of drinking from a handcarved piece of wood feels nostalgic and hard to describe. To me at least.

You can check him out here:

For now here are a few photos: These have started to patina a little, as they do have a few trips on them.


You can check him out here: