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    Thumbs up 2013 Spring MAHHA, April 26-28th, Official Planning Thread

    ZQ...a.k.a...Donna here. Time to start officially preparing for the fun!

    -Friday April 26th - Sunday April 28th.

    -Pine Grove Furnace State Park
    1100 Pine Grove Rd.
    Gardners, PA 17324

    -There is a Google Spreadsheet for signing up. There are 2 tabs at the bottom on the left of the page. An "Attendance signup", and a "Breakfast/Dinner Items needed" tab. This year, it is important to know the number attending the Saturday dinner about a week before...see below.

    -There is a pre/post hike thread started here.

    -Three group sites have been reserved. These are the same as last year. Each of these group sites have their own campfire ring...bring plenty of fire wood...just make sure it is from PA as per PGFST requests. Note: The park allows gathering dead, down wood... but no chainsaws in the park.

    -With the amount of attendees, there will be a concern for parking. There are other group sites using the same parking lot, so we need to be aware of the amount of space our group uses. I know there is extra parking up the road, but I will check to see if there is additional parking available elsewhere. The parking at the swimming area might be available if needed. We want to be careful to not outsize our welcome with the parking.

    -There is a family campground just up the road. Sites can be reserved. There are sites with electric. There are sites that allow dogs. Dogs are allowed at the pavilion. There is a bath house with showers and flush toilets. Note...Sites with electric that allow dogs have the highest demand.

    -No alcoholic beverages allowed in the park. Rangers will be invited to attend the dinner.

    -We have the Furnace Stack Pavilion reserved for the entire day Saturday.

    -Name Tags...[O]TTeR has graciously volunteered again this year to make name tags for attendees. Please use the signup sheet to let him know what name you want on the tag.

    - Saturday morning there will be a pancake breakfast. Dutch is the contact person. Please use the signup sheet to register your attendance. If you are arriving at the group hang site Friday, you will be counted in numbers for the breakfast. Also, please mark on the signup sheet if bringing anything on the list that is needed. Thanks!

    -Saturday late afternoon/evening, there will be a supper and raffle.
    Supper: We will be having a pig roast as the main event. The pig will be roasted off site, and brought to the pavilion ready to serve off the bone. The person bringing the pig will be the one serving the pig. BBQ sauce will be provided, but feel free to bring your favorite. They will also be providing the rolls and cole slaw...what is pulled pork without cole slaw!!
    We will be grilling Kosher Beef Hot dogs for children and adults not eating the pork. Please note the number of hot dogs you want cooked for your family on the signup sheet.
    We will be cooking some Veggie burgers.
    Everyone is encouraged to bring a food contribution for the dinner. Please use the sign up sheet to get an idea of what food is on the list. There are other items needed...sign up to bring something if you can.
    -Request...a must do...Sometime Saturday before the dinner, everyone partaking in the pig roast, adults and children, must find Pan, 2Q, or PapaSmurf to get your hand stamped with the letters MAHHA. Since the pig roast will be in a public area, we want to make sure we are serving only our members or those invited (rangers, hikers on the AT) to enjoy the pig! EDIT: We have decided not to use the hand stamp. We will be using the name tags that [o]TTer is making....see post #24.
    Raffle: After the meal, we will be having a raffle. Pan will post on this thread with details about the raffle.

    After the meal and raffle: Please make sure you clean up your eating area and take with you, or dispose of, any food containers you brought. This will help to leave the pavilion area in the same or better condition than when we arrived.

    Sunday when leaving group hang area: Please look around your area before you leave to make sure everything is cleaned up...again...let's leave the group hang area in the same or better condition than when we arrived. If someone forgot something, take it with you and post on HF. If you don't want to take it with you...if you see 2Q, give it to him. He and I will be walking the group area before we leave.

    I have requested the other three 2013 MAHHA threads be closed, so all comments will now be on one thread. The pre/post hike thread will stay as is.

    If there are any details I neglected to include here..please let me know.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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