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    Can my down quilt get wet?

    I just purchased a High Sierra Sniveller from Jacksrbetter, and I can't wait to use it. I started thinking about wet weather and the effect that might have on the Sniveller. Besides a possilbe uncomfortable night, will it hurt the down to get wet? I'm good about using my tarp, but sometimes rain comes in just right and gets the foot end or something.

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    You wont hurt the down, but waterlogged feathers aren't particularly light weight. Also, down loses most of it's insulating abilities when wet...
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    Yea, it wont be warm for sure. Do your best to keep it dry (sil stuf sack or a dedicated dry bag will help. I use a compactor trash bag as a pack liner. Anything that needs to stay dry goes in the liner/bag.)

    Down quilts can be washed and dried. So no real damage will be done "if" it gets wet. Drying it on the trail will be extremely difficult. Squeeze out as much water as possible, hang in the sun, fluff the lumps and clumps every 20-30 minutes to loosen them up. Colder temps...not such luck.

    A raincoat or poncho strung over the rainy side of the hammock will help keep windblown rain off. Or get a uq protector or a set of doors, both available from the fine folks at 2QZQ.

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