Hey folks any local fathers with young kids looking to do group meet ups? I'm thinking of trying to get a regular meetup together where new fathers/soon to be fathers can get together, chill out talk about camping and the outdoor world and everything else.

The idea came to me as I've found myself pulling away from most of my buddies being one of the only ones married with kids. Finding that my lifestyle is changing it would be nice to have some new buddies who know what we're all going through. To top it off it'd be cool to also have kids that my son could interact with, to hopefully get him interested in the outdoors (not for a few years yet!). We could look at doing day trips and short father/kid outings, but also just basic meetups at local pubs or get togethers.

I figured I'd try this out here first before I canvas more Ontario specific groups. Of course we wouldn't restrict anyone from coming out as long as you don't mind hanging out with a bunch of married guys who smell faintly of baby puke and look like we haven't slept since Halloween.