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I will confer with the boss (wife) on the dates if FLRider thinks they will work for him.

As for parking a car at Neel's, there is a lot a little north of there but I hear it fills quickly on the weekend. The other option is to get a shuttle from Neel's back to Amacolola Falls. I don't think you can park at Mountain Crossings at Neel's Gap.

The parking near Neels is at the Byron Reece Trailhead. http://www.georgiatrails.com/gt/Byro...e_Access_Trail We could meet at this parking lot early Sunday morning and catch a shuttle back to Springer.

I should be good to go for the 7th (Sunday) through the 10th (Wednesday). I'll need to talk to a couple of the guys at work, just to be sure, but it looks good from this end!

I parked at the Byron Reece trailhead over Christmas when I did my day hike of Blood Mountain. It was pretty straight up and down; a ~4.8 mile hike took me about two and and half hours, pushing pretty hard. So, be prepared for the last two or three miles of Wednesday to be pretty straight down.

I think parking one of the cars there, if feasible, would probably be our best bet. That way, we don't have to worry about timing a shuttle.