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    DriDown or DownTek for Quilts

    Do you think DriDown or DownTek hydrophobic down products will be offered as an option for quilts from Warbonnet? I hope so, as they look like great technologies especially if I have to go to ground when I am out. I think the DriDown is an exclusive product for the time being with a few companies like Sierra Designs, but it is bound to end at some point.

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    I think it will boil down to availability and cost effectiveness... I haven't looked at the costs of the treatment... But how many people are going to be interested in a $500 underquilt, when a dry bag is just a few dollars... I would love to see the technology and advancement, but as with most things $$$ talks...
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    I don't know about the technical differences but Underground Quilts uses "Resist Down" and it only costs about $20-30 more. Paul (from UGQ) says that in informal field testing that the Resist Down does keep dry better than regular down (but that doesn't mean that you can abuse it and let it get wet... just try to keep it as dry as you normally would for regular down).

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    I am sure the treated down is a bit more expensive, but when looking at jackets that have the technology added they are not that much more expensive than they were without it added. The reason I think it is interesting is if I have to use the top quilt on the ground. It is likely to get a bit wet and I won\t have that much time to dry it out. Normally, wet down is a bear to dry. The treated down is supposed to take significantly less time to dry out even when soaked.

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    Treated down

    It seems that 850 FP hydrophobic treated down is offered by Underground Quilts (UGQ) and is a pretty reasonable upcharge. I wonder if there is a technical reason that Warbonnet doesn't use it or if it has to do with exclusivity deals because the technology is new. Hopefully (at least for me) it does become available. The mamba is a great quilt.

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