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    FL>Mayo>March 7-11>Upper Suwanee River Wilderness Trail

    We are paddling and camping down the beautiful Upper Suwanee River in Mayo, FL (near White Springs) where we will paddle approximately a 40 mile section throughout a four day period. We will be camping at different locations as we meander down this black water river that originates in the Okefenokee Swamp and flows on to the Gulf of Mexico.

    Thursday March 7th-Meeting at:
    Lafayette Blue Springs State Park (boat ramp at site)
    799 NW Blue Spring RD
    Mayo, FL 32066

    We will be camping here Thursday & Friday nights. We can stage our food and leave our rigs set up for the following evening because we will run a shuttle upstream and then paddle back to the park for the first leg of the trip as follows.....

    Friday March 8th-
    After breakfast run shuttle and paddle from:
    Dowling Park boat ramp back to camp at Lafayette Blue Springs State Park
    with lunch on river.
    (10 Miles)

    Saturday March 9th-
    After breakfast break camp and load boats with all gear.
    Paddle from:
    LBS State Park to Camp at Peacock Slough River Camp with lunch on river.
    (11 Miles)
    (no road access)

    Sunday March 10th-
    After breakfast break camp load boats with all gear.
    Paddle from:
    Peacock Slough River Camp to camp at Adams Tract River Camp with lunch on river.
    (11 Miles)
    (no road access)

    *Monday March 11th-
    After breakfast break camp EARLY and load all gear a final time.
    Paddle from Adams Tract River Camp to Take out at Branford boat ramp.
    (8 Miles)
    Lunch (meal) in Branford
    Pick up staged gear
    *Detail Man & Cakes will be taking out much sooner at an earlier take-out before Baranfor if anyone else needs to also.

    Depending on shuttle arrangements, pick up vehicles. Trip departure.

    It is advised that everyone be prepared to be self-sufficient for all gear and lunch meals. We will practice Leave No Trace during this trip. At the river camps there are full facilities, screened sleeping platforms, covered picnic tables, charcoal grills, potable and hot water, flush toilets, showers, trash cans and electricity. Along the river there are no facilities. We will pass by some local and state parks that may or may not have facilities.

    Remember; if you bring it, you may have to portage with it so travel as light as you can.

    Where we will be staying;

    GPS/River miles;

    Overview map;
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