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    Talking Northwoods Hammock Co. Giveaway

    We've completed the first couple weeks in business and the few reviews I've seen on here and the emails I've received have totally made it worthwhile! Frist and foremost we want to thank you all for the support in this new venture! Okay, now to the fun! We want to increase our visibility on Facebook, so we're doing a Facebook giveaway! I know some of you are not on Facebook or don't use it, and you're life is probably better off Anyways, so here is the deal:

    We want to reach 300 likes by February 18th. If we achieve this goal during the time frame, we will randomly select a winner who will have their choice of one of our products.

    Oh and did I mention, for those of you that might feel left out because you're not on Facebook.... for the same time period (now through February 18th) we're offering 15% off your entire purchase just use the code "hammockforums" during the checkout process. We will also give away a pair of whoopie slings on here. Just comment below and on February 18th we will randomly select a winner.


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