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I have this tarp. It's large and certainly not light, but it's a good winter tarp for me and offers lots of coverage. I think it's a tremendous value. I'm very pleased with it. I got it AFTER I bought a GG tarp that was supposed to be 12x12 but that turned out to be 9x9 because of a change in the reported sizes... before it was LxD but it changed to diagonal x diagonal and they didn't bother to tell anyone. Silly.

Anyway, people will tell you the shelter is massively heavy... of course it comes with two long and utterly disposable heavy aluminum poles, stakes, guy lines, etc. After tossing the poles, changing out the stakes and leaving only tarp, line and lightweight stakes in the bag, mine weighs (if memory serves) about 21 ounces. Not light, but it's a 14 foot tarp.