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    SOLD: ULA Circuit and misc clothing

    Up for sale are some extra items that mostly dont fit or not what I was looking for.
    Prices all include paypal and shipping to the 50 states.

    First is a ULA Circuit in Camo. Medium torso, medium belt. Bought about a year ago, but it's still in great condition. After using it for a while I decided that the medium was just a bit too small for me, I couldnt get the weight off my shoulders enough under the heavier loads. Weighs 40.65oz on my scale with all the attachments.
    Price: $180

    Next, is a Sierra Designs Tov down jacket. Size Medium. This has 600fill of the dri-down. Never really tested the dri-down's capabilities. I have a tendency to be caught between medium and large in sizing and this was a little too snug.
    Price: $Sold
    Columbia Fast Trek half-zip fleece. Size: Large. Standard midweight fleece pullover, never really wore, was looking for something thinner.
    Price: $Sold
    Military surplus wool pants. Size medium-long. They were too long for me. I usually wear a 34/34 in pants. Waist was fine.
    Price $Sold

    Thanks for looking!
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