Hey all,

Been browsing for a few days and decided to join so that I could ask some questions and learn a little bit before embarking on my very first hammock setup of my own! I will save those for it's own thread. Anyways...

I'm from Akron, Ohio, and I get to enjoy the woods on trips a half a dozen times a year. Mostly close(ish) but down to WV, Kentucky, and various other places in this region. I'm a 'mid-level' experienced backpacker, having been on some mildly difficult trips thus far. I'm a certified GEAR JUNKIE!!!! Nothing quite like expanding the gear set, and that's what's led me to here.

I just graduated from college, looking to begin a career here pretty soon. I am very excited for this weather to break so that I can get back out to the woods!!!!!

Thanks everyone in advance for the wealth of knowledge and insight.