Well, this past weekend I was able to fire up the thread injector and finish up my top quilt.

The concept was to create something that would be warm enough to be considered 3 season (for NM climate), have enough compaction to fit in the same bag with my UQ, and cheap enough....well the cheaper the better right!?

I'm not a gram weenie, so the weight of fleece wasn't an issue, and the uncut 4yds of chocolate brown fleece fit in the bag with the UQ, so whatever was cut off during the build was bonus weight and space saved.

I decided to make it double layered fleece, but with 4 yds I was limited to a maximum length of 6 feet. This spawned the idea of having a single layer at the head portion, so rather than cutting it in half and having two equal pieces, I cut one piece longer than the other.

I wanted the ability to use it as a blanket that could be easily kicked off if I got to hot, but I also wanted it to have a footbox for colder nights. I decided to go with drawcord and a button to create an optional footbox.

Lastly, I used a piece of mystery fabric as a weather shield to block out the wind. I sewed the top portion right where the double fleece layer stops. The edges are inset 4" and the bottom is inset 3".

With the thread injector warmed up, a pile of pins by my side, my wife at a women's retreat, and the kids in bed, this project went pretty quickly

The final dimensions are:
84"L x 50"W

Here's a few pics
Joining the weathershield to the fleece


Foot End Corner

As a blanket (head to the left)

Footbox mode

Footbox mode underside

I hope to use it soon, but until I do it's great for around the house