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    Ridge Line stretch

    I already know that there are to many variables but I'll ask anyway. If I were to use quality nylon (REI - EMS brands) cordage for a structual ridge line how much would it/could it stretch during an over night slumber? One inch, two inches?? Does any one shorten there ridge line knowing that it will hit the target length with in a certain time at max stretch? Am I over thinking this?

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    The whole point of having a structural ridgeline is to set a consistent sag in your hammock fabric. You don't want it to stretch at all.

    Nylon cord will stretch. The amount that it does is dependent on a lot of things, though. You'd be better off using some cording that doesn't stretch (dyneema, etc).
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    Low stretch is good for ridgelines... but they should not carry a lot of weight so the super strong specialty cordage is not required. The forces on the ridgeline should be only a fraction of the forces on the suspension system.
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    I used 550 cord and found it to stretch too much when I hung my hammocks tightly. Better than nothing, but not as good as low-stretch cord.
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    One thing I have noticed on my RLs: Very often, after I get in, they are actually looser than before. The hammock sags in the middle, bringing the hammock ends closer together.

    However, this may vary both with the hammock and how tight I tension the RL to start with. For example, my BB definitely tightens up not when I sit down in it, but after I lay down in it! Hence WB's directions not to over tighten, and that in fact correctly adjusted the RL might be a little loose while using it as a chair. But then whan you get all the way in, it will tighten right up. But I think that, in my use anyway, all my other hammocks, the RL has loosened up once I get in. The same action that causes my tarp to sag on the HH ( with the tarp attached to the hammock suspension) apparently causes the RL to loosen. A factor may be that I don't pull my RL very tight to start with, tending to attach higher to the tree. So, under those circumstances, a very strong RL is not needed. FWIW.
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