Playing in the background of this post is the song, YOU PICKED A FINE TIME TO LEAVE ME, LUCILLE!
♪ ♪
So, the dog bit me the other day? And, as luck would have it, the wife ran off with my best friend, but left the dog. My girlfriend would leave me as well, but Im fresh out of friends.

My doctor told me that if I live to be 100, I have less than 40 years to live. He said my inability to sell this gear is affecting my health and said my dog is ugly. The dog wasnt happy with that and bit him. Now, Im being sued.

Anyone know of a good lawyer wholl take some Camo gear for a down payment? ♪

Would someone buy this gear and help end this drama? I'm getting tired of hearing the kids say, "Daddy we're hungry".

On a serious note, I'll sweeten the deal. The 1st "I'll Take it" will also get free with this purchase. In perfect condition, "The Complete Book Decorative Knots." A $20 Value.

The 2nd "I'll Take It" get nothing..