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I've kept mine pretty much stock. Sometimes, I remove the biners and use the loop in the original rope suspension with the marlin spike hitch in my straps.

I like the attached sack and I like the strap and buckle. I don't mind the stock rope. I don't like the stock carabiners.

I'd say, use it stock for awhile and determine if the hammock is "too heavy" or "too bulky" for you and then start modding. Some folks even cut off the "wings". Whatever. I guess that's why ultra-lighters are called "gram WEENIES."
I'll see what biners come with mine as I just ordered it. I am heavily thinking of going with D rings as it looks like a quick and easy setup when fumbling in the dark.

As for weight... My pack is generally in the 30lb range. Even my smallest tent weights more then this hammock, so I'm not concerned.

I'm actually looking forward to the oversize of the deluxe. I'm thinking (will see when I get it) that the extra material will wrap me nicely and with a couple velcro dots holding the material in place.