I'm looking for some hiking partners for a section hike.

I'm going to be hiking from Kent, CT to Route 4, VT late May, early June. Total miles @ 235.

I've got over 5,000 miles of hiking the AT, so I've got the experience, but I've had 4 surgeries this past year. The last one was 5 months ago with a full knee replacement. I'm wanting to hike @ 10 to 15 miles a day, depending on the section, and doing some Slack Packing as well.

I'll be driving there from Northern California, so I'll have my vehicle with me. If someone wanted to do some Slack Packing & you had a vehicle, we could hopscotch with the vehicles.

I plan on hiking the full AT again in 2014, and this is a test to see if my body still has what it takes.

So, is anyone interested?