I am heading to Myakka state park Saturday for an over night at the Bee Island primitive site. 5.5 miles each way. I will be using my Hennessy explorer asym, for warmth my new mss and closed cell pad. I decided to go light on food with a minimal cook kit to save space and weight.

There is no potable water out there so I will be packing 2.5 gallons. The latest report is that the wells are dry out there, rendering the hand pumps along the trail useless. Not sure I would drink that nasty water even after boiling, so no loss there lol.

Forecast calling for crisp, clear and cold. Low of 41 with a feels like temp of 29. Im excited to see if it gets colder so I can test the mss and new pad.

Has anyone in Florida been to Bee Island? Wondering if there are decent trees for the hammocks. A few blogs had pics but the trees look pretty scattered.

Anyway, wish us luck. I hope to get some nice pics and video out there.