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    Red face Your favorite hammock cut-out shape, dimensions, design mods BEFORE sewing

    Lots of noob questions to cover lots of stuff. I just wanted to see a conglomerate of information on fabric, because there's too many threads, lol. Or just say what you want, thanks.

    How do you cut your fabric, what are your preferred dimensions (in correlation to your height), what type of stitching do you like to use for your hems/ends, how do you gather the hammock ends, do you prefer ripstop/regular nylon/taffeta/etc., what is your preferred fabric thickness, what is your favorite source for ordering, what were some of your initial problems and how did you get through them, what are the most useful web pages/threads you have found to get you started, how did you save the most money, did you cut your fabric too short, do you like to use foot boxes, do you prefer symmetrical or asymmetrical, have you ended up with one side being tighter than the other, tall/low side walls or being too high up in the middle, what did you do to fix that or what was the cause, do you make curvy cuts in the fabric (which way does it curve if you do), do you prefer a wider hammock than ~60", in which you have to sew two pieces of fabric together, do you use seam sealer, how can you cut it to lay more flat, etc etc etc. That's all I can think of for now.
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    I followed Knotty's instructions and I bought 4 yards of ripstop nylon from Hancock Fabrics. * Buy some Amsteel to make whoopie slings from Dutchware or your favorite cottage vendor, get some of these straps from Harbor Freight Tools or equivalent in your area cut the buckles off just the buckles not the convenient loops the sewed for you, get a toggle for your MSH and you are good to go. Or checkout the Tablecloth Hammock threads, and then pick up at the *.
    My wife and i love our 90" wide by 156" long tablecloth hammock for lounging in the yard or by the lake.
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