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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob58 View Post
    It is indeed "deepest, widest", compared to the other HHs and actually to almost all other commercial hammocks normally used by folks at HF.
    Not sure about that one. I tried to measure the Safaris body length, and came up with pretty much 11 foot. A lot of manufacturers offer 11 foot models nowadays. And many offer widths a lot wider than 52". Don't know if there are any advantages to width, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob58 View Post
    I dug mine out of storage and measured it. Here you go:
    From end knot cover to cover: ~ 145"
    From the point where the RL disappears into the end knot covers to the other: 137-138"
    Width straight across: about 63-64"
    width from left shoulder pull out to right knee pull out: a good bit wider than 63", didn't bother to measure, but noticeably wider than any of my other hammocks.
    Unfortunately, you get no real idea of the Safari's size from the HH specs, as they only give the RL length, not the length of the hammock bed/fabric. They list a width of 52". which is crazy as that is 4" more narrow than the Explorer, even though they say: "The Safari Deluxe was developed for people who like really big hammocks. This is our deepest, widest and most comfortable hammock for larger people or even for cozy couples whose combined weight does not exceed 350 lbs "
    THANK YOU! I had almost given up and posted this exact question on the Hennessy specs. the fact that they measure a couple models "Diagonally" on their site and not others also confused me .

    So if you laid a Safari out flat, unbundled, you probably have a base fabric sheet of 144" x 66" or so? Has anyone seen similar info on any other Hennessy Models?
    I was looking to make a Safari clone, I'm 6' even and 280lbs. so the size appealed to me
    Thanks again

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