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    Whipping help and rings if you please

    I finally got my first hammock sewed, and I whipped the ends. The fabric is slick as hell and I simply folded and folded the ends.
    1) Do you need to pay attention to whip the ends the same way to keep the scoops on the same side?
    2) My whipping slipped a bit then held, is that normal or is this fabric just that slick?
    3) Should I stick with the folding method or just start hand gathering it?
    4) This design is plenty wide but the sides were not tight at all, and I had a weird tight spot down the middle, can I solve that while gathering the ends? (still comfortable though!)
    5) when you use 1"webbing with rings off the hammock, what rings do you use? I found some at my local store that are climbing rated but expensive and heavy! I was playing around with just going off carabiners and using red's 1 ring(biner) with a toggle lock.
    6) how much stretch is normal? When my 4 year old sat in it, he got a bit of stretch, when I did my butt was almost on the ground.
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