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I posted on your other thread, but I'll repeat here. This system is very interesting, and I don't think the components are overpriced. I'd like to see a review of the full setup (including quilts and tarp) by a HF member such as Grizzly Adams. (Hi, Grizz! ) Of particular interest to me are the function of the adjustable end loop (pulling out the center), the suspension of the underquilt, and the size and drape of the top quilt.

We need a term like "gram weenie" to identify people (like me) who see function and efficiency as paramount values in hammocks and hiking gear in general. It's too easy to jump on the ultralight bandwagon. Especially in winter, going ultralight can put you in harm's way.

I know someone will point out that I was an early experimenter with cuben, but all my experiments have been aimed at seeing whether the weight savings with cuben are justified when function is evaluated. (Happily, the answer seems to be "yes.")

Len, carry on. Function rules.
Thanks Again and Grizzly Adams, if you see this post, I would be honored if you would review The Raptor Sleep-System.